Talos Prime

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World Name: Talos Prime

World Class: Daemon

Containment Procedures: Talos Prime must be destroyed as soon as possible. At this time, no means available to the Inquisition are capable of destroying Talos Prime, only able to cause massive physical damage. Talos Prime should be quarantined within a ██████ diameter containment blockade. The quarantine zone should remain clear of any life forms. Any signs of life emerging from Talos Prime should be reacted to quickly and with full force as called for by the circumstances.

All life forms, Astartes especially, are forbidden to approach Talos Prime for fear of provoking a “Sperg-State”. All unauthorized personnel attempting to approach Talos Prime will be intercepted and ‘removed’ by force. (For information on Talos Prime ‘Sperg-States’, see Addendum TP-03)

Due to its frequent attempts at containment breach, and difficulty of contaiment, the quarantine of Talos Prime is to be lead by [REDACTED], and will ensure all space within ███ light years is clear of human development.

Description: Talos Prime is a large, vaguely recognizable planet of unknown origin. It appears to be extremely lacking in intelligence, and was observed to lash out in extreme anger at Battle Barge Ferrum when it overheard news of the Iron Hands’ defeat at Silon Prime. The following sperg-out resulted in a breach of containment, Quarantine Fleet ██████ responded and contained the outbreak at a cost of ██ Ships with ███ Souls lost. Talos Prime appears to have a hatred of all heteroseual life, which has been expressed in several intercepted transmissions being broadcast from the planet’s surface.
In case of containment breach, Qarantine Fleet ██████ is to track and eliminate all escaping entities. To date, attempted breaches have numbered at ████, while successful breaches have numbered at █. (See [REDACTED].)

Addendum TP-03: Recording of an intercepted transmission from Talos Prime.

[Begin Log, skip to 301h 31m 29s]

Talos Prime: " -ou know, In the Eldar Enclave you can legitimately have an entire career based off of nothing but sucking dicks. In the Imperium, its heresy a 20 year old can do for a few weeks before he’s found out by the commissariat and executed.. Eldar FIre Prisms literally have entire entire dicks plastered all over the side. Over there, it’s a sport. Over here, if you suck dick for more than 4 hours you have a problem."

████: Oh Really?

Talos Prime: “Yeah I was watching the FA GOT Tournament that’s going on right now, and wondering why the human’s best is somehow still under-performing compared to the Eldar’s worst team. It’s because for them it’s a legitimate sport, and they put everything into to it, to the point where they’re theory-crafting, calculating hit damage, and training their bodies to be good at nothing but sucking dicks, it’s amazing.”

████: Pauses “I-..”

Talos Prime: [DATA EXPUNGED]

[End Log]

Thirty Two (32) minutes later, ████ was found deceased in his quarters with [REDACTED] protruding from his esophagus, the wounds appeared self inflicted.

Talos Prime

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