History of the Karillica Sector

950.M39: The Chelkar Charter: Colonel Albrecht Chelkar is granted a Warrant of Trade for his service in the Perseus Expedition. His long odyssey across the galaxy leads him to the distant sector of Calixis, which becomes the home of his dynasty for next eight centuries.

133.M40: The world of Thrasymede is colonized by miners from the Kairos system. The world lies just beyond the borders of the Kharbydis Sector, and for many decades the colony’s founding was considered a but minor footnote in sector history.

909.M40: After centuries of industrial and urban development, Thrasymede becomes a center of economic and political power. Armies and fleets swell under Thrasymedian skies as the Praxis Council, the newly-formed ruling body of the world, presides over the populace.

944.M40: Excess population from Thrasymede is used by the Kharybdis Administratum to found several colonies along the Gethsemane Belt. In time, these colonies would develop into self-sufficient worlds of their own and eventually form the core worlds of the Baten Kaitos Subsector.

199.M41: Thrasymede and its neighboring worlds begin to flourish in a new era of expansion and growth. A complex network of interplanetary trade grows among the ships that ply the stars of Gethsemane, and the future seems bright for the burgeoning worlds, now practically a sub-sector of their own.

222.M41 The Chelkar Dynasty is nearly destroyed by its invovlement in the Meritech wars, with many heirs, men, and material lost at the hands of the Meritech Clans and their nightmarish machines.

246.M41: The title of Lord Sector is granted to Jastilus Karillica, head councilor and planetary governor of Thrasymede. Adroit political maneuvering and extensive development of the Gethsemane Belt allows Karillica to justify the creation of a new Imperial Sector, independent of Kharbydis. Though relatively small in territory and power compared to the more developed areas of the Imperium, the Karillica Sector is able to secure a greater degree of autonomy and privacy within borders, and flourishes as a result. The worlds of Gethsemane are now organized under the Baten Kaitos sub-sector, but for many years the territories of sector and sub-sector were regarded as synonymous with one another.

501.M41 All contract is lost with the world of Rigel. The planet is quarantined under Inquisitorial edict and all travel to and from the planet is expressly forbidden.

599.M41 The Elarian combine is founded. A merger of several of the most significant agricultural and industrial organizations across Karillica, it soon grows to be a powerful influence in the Gethsemane Belt.

600.M41: The Heirophant Kyria Holzel is martyred on the battlefields of Liberia.

619-785.M41: The Cleansing: Spurred by ambitious officials in sector government, numerous military campaigns are launched from worlds all across the Karillica sector during this period of time. The worlds that were claimed in these expansionist wars were eventually organized into the Edharius and Alcyone sub-sectors.

893.M41 The Voyages of Alek Chelkar: Lord Alek Chelkar travels to the wilderness of the Koronos Expanse in search of a means to restore his dynasty to power.

894-899.M41 The disastrous Far Reach Campaign ends in the slaughter of thousands of Imperial troops and the loss of the worlds of Ortigara and Landau from Karillica.

901.M41: Chelkar returns to Imperial space in triumph, bringing along with him a powerful flotilla of ships and innumerable armies under his command. He makes way towards Karillica, hearing rumors of the vast resources hidden under its many unexplored worlds.

902-931. M41: The Founding: Lord Chelkar spearheads an Imperial crusade into the wilderness space surrounding the sector, liberating dozens of worlds from Xenos rule and colonizing even more. The territory by Chelkar and his allies are organized into the Black Marches Sub-sector by the end of the crusade.

931.M41: The Last Journey:
Lord Chelkar embarks on a voyage to the Far Reaches aboard his flagship, Tempus maximum . He is never seen, or heard from, ever again, and his Warrant of Trade is lost alongside him.

935.M41: Colonel Barja, the Imperial Guard officer who once served as Arch Militant to Lord Alek Chelkar, founds Aegis, a private military organization on the distant world of Lyria. Recruiting its first contractors from the remaining guardsmen who served under Alek Chelkar, Aegis proves to be a powerful and effective security force in both Lyria and its surrounding systems, earning a them fearsome reputation among recidivists and pirates. Word of their success quickly spreads, and soon Aegis’s numbers are bolstered with the ranks of dissident planetary defence force soldiers and opportunist mercenaries, from across the sub-sector.

941.M41: The world of Solitude experiences a bizarre period of unexplained Astropathic interference, during which any astropaths who attempted to transmit messages to or from the planet were reduced into a permanently catatonic sate. While some believe this to be merely to be the product of the warp’s fickle nature, many of the Ordo Karillica are suspicious of a malign influence at work.

942.M41 Magos Errant Korlack becomes the Mechancius liaison between the priesthood and Aegis.

943.M41: Malkuth-Thereon Incorporated (MTI) is formed as a merger between the Elarian Combine and Aegis. Now in possession of its own manufacturing plants and interstellar supply line, MTI is able to sign defense contracts sector-wide.

951.M41: Lilith AitnaƮos assumes control of MTI.
4001985.M41: The 1st/14th Remedian Artillery Regiment is deployed to the beleaguered world of Skrynne. A splinter element of Hive Fleet Apophis has appeared in Karillica.

6977985.M41: The Apophis splinter fleet unleashes a massive assault on the fortress world of Morskojia, with the intent of capturing the Kurat-Yelin warp gate. A mass mobilization of forces from Battlefleet Karillica as well as local Mechanicus and Imperial Guard elements are sent to prevent Morskojia from falling into enemy hands.

989.M41: An increasingly large volume of worlds sign defense contracts with MTI. A recent study conducted by the Kharybdis Adminstratum revealed that approximately three out of every five worlds in The Far Reach and The Black Marches had their standing army outsourced to private contractors.

History of the Karillica Sector

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