Commissar Marten Schrug

Dying is forbidden, unless I say otherwise!


Name: Marten Schrug
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Primary Arm: Left
Height: 1.9 Meters
Weight: 75 Kg
Demeanor: Reckless

Weapon Skill: 37
Ballistic Skill: 33
Strength: 36
Tough: 30
Agility: 29
Intelligence: 27
Perception: 30
Willpower: 39
Fellowship: 38

Wounds: 13
Fate Points: 1
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0

Specialty: Commissar
Aptitudes: Agility, Fellowship, Finesse, Leadership, Perception, Weapon Skill, Willpower, Offense
Skills: Common Lore (Guard, Imperium, War), Linguistic (Low, High Gothic), Athletics, Intimidate
Talents: Air of Authority (3x +20), Unbreakable Faith, Weapon Training (Bolt), Rapid Reload

Regiment Name: Klendathu 2nd Mobile Infantry Regiment: “Wacko’s Warriors”
Homeworld Background: Schola Progenum (3 Points)
Commander: Melancholic (2 Points)
Training Doctrine: Iron Discipline (3 Points)
Training Doctrine: Hardened Fighters (2 Points)
Regiment Type: Line Infantry (2 Points)

Inventory (Standard):
Standard: Chainsword (Good)
Standard: Bolt Pistol (Good)
Standard: Flak Armor
Standard: 2 Frag Grenades
Standard: 2 Krak Grenade
Standard: Uniform (Black, Overcoat, Warm Textile, Commissar)
Standard: Weather Gear
Standard: Belt Pack with Tools, Food Items, Lamp Pack, Hygiene Items
Standard: Standard TechnoHexary ID
Standard: Sleeping Bag, Blanker
Standard: Imperial Primer (Commissar Edition)
Standard: 2 Weeks Supply of Rations

Inventory (Requisitioned):
Requisition: Power Sword (Good)
Requisition: Exterminator for Bolt Pistol

XP Spent: 2000
Combat Master (450xp)
Deadeye Shot (300xp)
Inspire Hatred (300xp)
Ambidextrous (250xp)
Two-Weapon Wielder (2x|600xp total) – Melee/Ranged
Simple Characteristic Advance Weapon Skill +5 (100xp)


A Commissar is a highly uncommon sight amongst the Imperial Guard regiments of Klendathu System.

In fact, Klendathu regiments are not known for their association with the general Imperial Guard traditions and doctrines. Those regiments are all-volunteers forces, and troopers are always given an option to leave armed forces at any time they wish (with appropriate bureaucratic works complete), provided they agree to the fact that they will never become citizens. This means that the regiments are mostly based on small-squad tactics of Veteran Squads, with Heavy Vehicular Support, as well as additional cooperation from hired Mercenary forces. Training Platoons tend to take the place of a regular Guard Platoons, but are generally lesser in numbers than that of any other Guardsman regiment, with a great number of recruits being trained in direct combat, with the few survivors of fear and blood, becoming actual Troopers. Such men and women are not easily demoralized, and the need of Commissar (and even Ministoruum) assistance is incredibly lessened.

However, Schola Progenum moves in mysterious ways. With only an immediate warning, Progenum’s latest recruit from yet another batch of the venerable schoolar planet Nikfoz was sent in to provide Commissariat with Eyes and Ears into the works of Klendathu System combat forces.

Marten Schrug was waiting for this for a long time. The time to prove his worth to the Emperor. To show his leadership. His combat prowess. His capacity for violence. His true feelings and loathing of Xenos and Heretics.

But for now, all he felt was a great number of Laser Reticles aiming at him, just as the doors of his transport shuttle have descended.

On the second view, he realized that he was previously wrong, and instead of rays of holy light, he had been barraged by nervous, annoyed, and angry stares from the entirety of the welcoming committee. His service in the Emperor’s name has truly begun. Much to the dismay of many.

With must resistance of the Klendathu’s Military Hierarchy in the way, Marten had great difficulty achieving any sort of progress. The process of weeding out weak recruits seemed to him as too nurturing. he hated the lack of direct discipline in the Veteran Squads. Lack of cooperation from any echelon of command has been the icing on the cake. In fact, despite many threats, Marten was unable to commit a single punishment upon anyone deserving it, if only because Klendathu System took it upon itself to get through any trials in the greatest time possible, to assure that no man would be wasted by a trigger-happy Commissar.

Commissariat realized their mistake when they received a request for a different assignment, under the pretense of “irrelevance”. Lack of any progress in the investigation was equally bothersome, and the need for more covert approach became apparent. For now, Klandathu System Military has been given a reason to celebrate the disappearance of a great nuisance.

And so, Marten, failing to achieve the goals of his first ten-year assignment, has been sent on penitence assignment in what appeared to be a quiet suicide mission. But Commissariat has not counted on Marten’s Recklessness to take the mission into a direction that was much less expected, less so imagined…

Commissar Marten Schrug

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