Sgt. Verus Tiberius

Sins of the Fathers.


WS: 25
BS: 52 (+15)
S: 29
T: 32
AG: 39
INT: 35
PER: 40
WP: 31
Fel: 36

Wounds: 11
Fate Points: 1
Thrones: 151
Skills: Awareness (20), Athletics, Intimidate (30), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Medicae (+30), Navigate (Surface) +10 , Common Lore (Imperial Guard, War), Survival

Talents: Rapid Reload, Weapon Training (Las, Plasma, Exotic)

Equipment: Auspex, 2x Bloodfire Grenades, 2x Frag Grenade, 1x Krak Grenade, Data-Slate, 1x Plasma Gun, 1x Plasma Pistol, 1x Power Sword 1x Tau Pulse Carbine.



Excerpt From Verus Tiberius’s Personal Log,
“There once was a shining world within seven systems. A place of beauty and freedom. Then freedom became corruption, decadence.. and degradation.. But the Emperor knows what once was, can be again. If a son of the Imperium was to arise.”

A discussion between Remedian Citizens about the Legend of Traitor Guardsman Strom Tiberius, Verus’s Great-Great-Grandfather.
“Ive heard he was just a man.”
“Weve heard he was a daemon.”
“They say he seeks vengeance.”
“I hear he seeks the truth.”
“I know hes coming I know it.. to bury us.”

Verus Tiberius has always been wary of his ways. Shunned as a child and looked upon as a scourge because of the Sins of his ancestors. He enlisted in the PDF as soon as he was of age at 16. After 4 boring years of being secluded to a Voxnet transfer station he was able to secure a position in a high mortality rate Guard unit. The Remedian 114th Field Artillery. He spent a couple uninteresting years with them until the were deployed Skyrnne to fight Tyranids. After sustain heavy casualties himself and Sgt Chelkar made it to the target. Eventually taking it down but not until after sustain critical injuries. They were awarded the Medallion Crimson and the Triple Skull for their bravery. Several months and a recovery later, they were tasked to rescue the planetary Governor on Noveria, the Tyranids had beat them there and a rogue mercenary company MTI had killed the governor scrubbing the mission. Now they are on Remedian soil hoping to stop a grave threat before its too late.. though even worse enemies lurk in the dark…

Sgt. Verus Tiberius

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