Cpt. Kether Sinderfell

XO of the 114th Special Operations Detachment


Kether Sinderfell clearly eschews the aesthetics of her high-born heritage for that of a proper guardswoman. She is built tall and athletic, standing at a height of approximately 1,85 meters; when she is wearing her heavy carapace armor, one might easily confuse her with one of her male compatriots. Her features are sharp, and she keeps her brown-black hair bound back in a functional bun. Her eyes are of a milky-blue coloration and a particularly perceptive individual might note them never darkening quite as much as the rest of their proprietor’s face as she walks through shadows and unlit spaces. A barely-healed scar runs across the bridge of her nose and left cheek. Despite her athletic figure, she is unhealthily pallid and deep, dark rings underline her eye-sockets. When she speaks, she does so in a voice comparable to that of a lifelong connoisseur of lho products, and indeed, she is frequently seen chewing the tattered remains of a lho-stick or a cigar, if she can get her hands on one.


Her mannerisms and profession suggest that she grew up among the Schola Progenium’s orphans, and her surname implies a link to the notorious, Scintilla-based Sinderfell clan. She will confirm as much when prompted, but rarely elaborates and tends to brush off any attempts to change her mind on this subject.

Cpt. Kether Sinderfell

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