1st Lieutenant Erik Chelkar


WS 34
BS 53
S 35
T 32
AG 57
INT 39
PER 33
WP 41
FEL 51

Wounds 13
Fate 2

Aptitudes: AG, BS, FEL, Field-craft, INT, Technology

Skills: Common Lore (Tech) 20, Operate (Surface) +10, Tech-Use (20), Dodge (+20), Security,

Talents: Technical Knack, Weapon Training (Las, Plasma, Launcher), Lightning Reflexes, Sprint, Rapid Reload, Unremarkable

Equipment: Las Carbine, Plasma Pistol, Missile Launcher, Auspex, Common Craft Mind Impluse Unit, Combi-Tool, Data-Slate, Lascutter, Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer


How the hell did this happen?

I first joined Remedia’s PDF 6 years ago, I was just a trooper back then, and at the time there was no reason to fear any kind of armed conflict, it just seemed like an easy paycheck. But of course, 9 months after enlisting, the insurgencies started showing up. I don’t even remember what the hell they were angry about, all I remember is my section being forced to clear block after block of suburban landscape in search of those maggots.

It was grox shit, why were we artillerymen being forced to do the infantry’s job, even our Battery Commander was getting flustered over our newfound role. Our Commander’s complaints didn’t help though, and the bullshit continued. Instead of running dry fire missions or practicing crew loading drills, we were rehearsing breach and clear scenarios inside mock-up structures of the various buildings that we would be assaulting in Suburbia Remedia.

The insurgency continued for another two and half years before finally we got lucky and weeded out the heretics right at the source. Turns out a squadron of Storm Troopers were conducting a raid when they happened upon a meeting amongst the Insurgency’s head leadership, the heretics were executed on the spot, and total victory soon followed. We were kept on high alert for 3 months after the raid just in case the insurgents tried to reorganize, but they never did, and finally the bullshit ended.

I thought maybe since the fighting was over that I’d finally be able to get some rest, but of course, not even a month after the official victory I was promoted to Corporal. At this point I was forced to “Maintain the Combat Readiness” of my section, this involved micro-managing their every move, from weekend plans to Rehab visits, because fuck my free time, right?

This shit continued for the next two years, until I guess someone noticed my past work and thought I’d be an “Invaluable Asset” to the Imperial Guard, and pressed me into serving the 1st and 14th Remedian Field Artillery Regiment. I was terrified, not only would I be putting up with more bullshit, but now there was a chance i could be deployed and die on some backwater planet. And of fugging course, not even 6 months after being in the Guard, our unit was given orders to be deployed to some piece of shit planet known as Skyrnne, to fight.. “Tyranids”.

I’d never heard of a Tyranid before that day, and I wished I had never asked what it was, after hearing the exaggerated and horrifying tales I was unable to sleep peacefully for almost a month. Eventually though I stopped being a little bitch and started coping with the fact that I was probably going to be viciously murdered by a swarm of hive mind trouser thieves.

I was assigned to a new section, that of course had completely forgotten how Artillery worked due to being reassigned as a line squadron. The squad was ran by a Lieutenant and Sergeant whose names I really can’t care to remember at the moment. Needless to say they were both horribly murdered within hours of stepping onto the planet’s crust, and that’s when things really started sucking. With no Officer or NCO, our squad was broken and needed replacements. After much debate it was decided that myself and another guardsman known as “Verus” would receive field promotions, one to Lieutenant and the other to Sergeant, Fuck. Me. Right?

So now here I am, coordinating this ragtag group of weary guardsman with my newfound NCO advisory, will we get out of this bullshit alive, Who fugging knows?

1st Lieutenant Erik Chelkar

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